Warning Signs You Need Fireplace Replacement

While fireplaces are pleasant to have in a home, they also come at a risk. Fireplaces that become damaged can cause chimney fires, collapses, or other potentially other life-threatening situations. To avoid putting your home and family at risk, it is essential to keep your fireplace in peak condition. To do this, you need to be able to recognize warning signs that you need a fireplace repair. We have compiled a list of the most common warning signs that could save you time, money, and hassle if repaired without delay.

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4 Warning Signs that a Fireplace Needs to be Replaced

• Cracked Mortar Joints

Fireplaces made from stone and brick usually require mortar repairs. Because stone and bricks contain pores, these materials take in extra water, which causes the materials to break down over time.

The fireplace forms cracks that usually develop around joints or corners. In addition, creosote (a wood preservative), when combined with water, may penetrate the fireplace’s surface and cause fireboxes made of metal to get rusty.

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• Spalling Fireplace Bricks

Spalling happens when the bricks absorb water. It happens when a poor-quality mortar is employed (with an incorrect density) and cannot soak up the regular expansions of bricks. In other instances, you could have the possibility of a leak in the chimney or fireplace.

In either case, they may cause the bricks to begin flaking and peeling, causing damage to the bricks’ surface, requiring heating repair. If not repaired, spalling can cause the bricks to break and crumble. Looking for assistance with heating repair? Contact Anderson HVAC in North Ogden, UT for expert service.

• Chimney Fire

A chimney fire occurs when flames explode outside rather than within the fireplace’s hearth. Observing this during fireplace service in North Ogden, UT, indicates that your fireplace requires urgent repair or replacement.

In the meantime, you shouldn’t utilize your fireplace and wait for it to be fixed. It’s dangerous and may cause harm to your home if you continue to use it. Professional fireplace services can repair it to ensure it can withstand the temperatures.

• Smell of Sulfur

This is a particular issue related to gas fireplaces. When you turn on your fireplace and smell sulfur, switch off the fireplace immediately.

The smell is a sure indicator of a gas leak, so leaving the unit operating could expose you to grave danger. After examining your device during fireplace service in North Ogden, UT, our technician might ask you to repair or replace the unit.

What are the Best Options for You?

There are additional signs you should look for, such as the appearance of rust on the fireplace’s outside. Replacement can be expensive, conducting a final and confirming maintenance check is recommended before going ahead with purchasing an entirely new one. If you see a series of issues like this, you’ll need to replace it.

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