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A fireplace is an important heating component and a fantastic investment for your home; thus, it requires regular maintenance to guarantee that it will function as long as possible and at peak efficiency. Furthermore, how frequently do you inspect your fireplace for impairment? How can you tell when your fireplace service in North Ogden, UT?

Don't Stop Your Inspections Till the Hard Winter Months

Some signs that will help you inspect and report your fireplace:

Fire Breakout

A chimney fire occurs when flames ignite within the chimney rather than merely the fireplace hearth. When you see this, it signifies that your fireplace has to be restored or replaced. Until then, please avoid using your fireplace while it is being fixed. If you continue to use it, it is harmful and may cause damage to your property.

Mortar Joint Deformation

Brick and stone fireplaces frequently require mortar repair. As stones and bricks are absorbent, they absorb excess moisture, causing the material to deteriorate with time. Cracks appear in the fireplace, usually at corners or joints. Furthermore, a wood preservative mixed with water can permeate the surface and rust metal fireboxes.

An Extremely Rusted Damper

Whenever your fireplace damper begins to rust, it usually indicates too much moisture. If it frequently becomes stuck, difficult to use, or fails to close properly, the flue liner may be broken. This could be dangerous, so call a certified fireplace service in North Ogden, UT, to inspect it as soon as possible.

What Kind of Care is Necessary for a Fireplace?

A fireplace service must cover several procedures to ensure that your equipment is in excellent working order. Whether you do this service yourself or hire an HVAC contractor in North Ogden, the process should normally comprise the following steps:

  • Inspect the unit’s exterior to ensure no fractures or openings in the framework.
  • Examine the glass for breaks and cleanse the gas. Use a non-ammonia cleaning solution at all times. Seal gaps in the gasket seal with gasket cement or change them if appropriate.
  • Examine the ‘logs’ to ensure they are not degrading.
  • Consider the gas ignition. Cut the power and examine the valves for leaks using steel wool or sandpaper.
  • Check that the carbon monoxide sensors are turned on and functioning properly. If they aren’t, or if you don’t have one, get one installed immediately.
  • Examine your chimney. Condensation, which can sometimes be observed on the rear wall, ceiling, or brickwork, is the most important item for a gas chimney. If you notice any evidence of condensation, call a fireplace service in North Ogden, UT.

How Often Does the Fireplace Need to be Serviced and Cleaned?

You must maintain your fireplace the same way you would your car; it should be used regularly to keep it working well. Your fireplace, like a car, will require yearly maintenance once a year. Anderson HVAC provides fireplace cleaning, which includes preparing your fireplace for the winter and verifying that everything is working properly.

Call or contact Anderson HVAC and safeguard your system and household.

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